Solar protection for ship bridges

The BERGAFLEX system for sun and glare protection has been installed on a great number of ship bridges since the 1980s.


We take the measurements on board, make and fit the solar protection system within the agreed time, and integrate it with all other equipment on the bridge.


BERGAFLEX shades, based on metallised polyester film, are available in different colour combinations. They reduce solar energy by up to 90% and have a light transmission of between 2% and 13%.


Please contact us for further information regarding sun-screens or blackouts for map rooms and cabins on board.


Our products can save ships - and lives!


Our high-tech products are built from experience and made to the highest quality standards. In rough weather conditions if you bargain with quality then you bargain with lives!



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The Bergaflex brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and carefully considered designs for solar protection.